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Maintenance Program
for Plumbing & Sewage
in Jefferson County, OH

Household Sewage Treatment System (STS) Regulations

The Jefferson County General Health District provides vital information regarding plumbing and sewage rules and regulations. Anyone who is planning an installation or alteration of a plumbing system within a home or commercial establishment in Jefferson County must get a permit prior to the work. Call us at (740) 283-8530 or contact us online with any questions or concerns.

View Ohio state regulations for home sewage treatments:

Sewage Treatment Systems

Ohio Code 3718: Sewage Treatment Systems

Sewage Treatment System Abandonment

Installation, Alteration, Repair, & Replacement of an STS

The Jefferson County General Health District is the first place to contact if you want to install a new sewage treatment system (STS), or alter, replace or abandon your existing sewage system. JCGHD will work with you to ensure a comprehensive review of your system, property and water use to determine the best solutions for proper wastewater treatment for your home, or to determine the correct repair of a malfunctioning system. Construction or repairs cannot begin until the installer or resident has a permit from the JCGHD.

Please download and print the abandonment permit to begin the process.