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Mosquito Control

Resources for Mosquito Control from Jefferson County General Health District

Jefferson County General Health District offers resources for mosquito control in Ohio. Review the information or call us at (740) 283-8530 with any questions.

Tips to Avoid Mosquitoes

In order to avoid mosquito-borne illness, you must avoid being bit by a mosquito. Some tips to avoid these pests include:

– Remember to Drain, Dress, and Defend

– Use EPA-registered insect repellents on exposed skin

– Wear light-colored clothing, long-sleeved shirts and jackets, and long pants

– Try to avoid being outdoors during peak mosquito biting hours

– Use netting when sleeping outdoors

When using repellents, be sure to read over the application instructions carefully.

How to Plan for Mosquitoes When Traveling

Planning on traveling this season? Follow these packing tips to heighten safety against mosquitoes:

– Bring EPA-registered insect repellent

– Wear permethrin or other EPA-registered clothing treatments

– Bring light-colored clothing, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants

– Bring netting if sleeping outdoors

How to Stop Mosquitoes from Breeding in Your Home

Mosquitoes can breed in and around your home without you noticing until it is too late. Follow these steps to make protect your home from mosquitoes:

– Empty standing water from buckets, barrels, flowerpots, tarps, and other items outdoors

– Discard trash like tin cans, plastic containers, and other water-holding containers

– Change water in pet dishes often

– Make sure there are no old tires on your property

– Aerate ornamental pools or stock them with mosquito-eating fish

– Clean and chlorinate swimming pools

– If possible, use air conditioning

– Replace water in bird baths frequently

– Check and clean gutters to make sure they are draining properly

For more tips on how to keep mosquitoes away from your home, contact Jefferson County General Health District today.

Protect Yourself from Ticks

Ticks are another dangerous pest that can cause diseases like Lyme disease. View the following resources from the CDC to stay safe from ticks and to learn what to do if you find a tick on you.