Jefferson County, Oh,
Emergency Preparedness

Plans for Residents

Jefferson County General Health District Emergency Preparedness

The Jefferson County General Health District receives grant money from the Ohio Department of Health to aid in county public health emergency preparedness (PHEP). Funding goes towards the following initiatives:

• Community Preparedness

• Community Recovery

• Emergency Operations Coordination

• Emergency Public Information and Warning

• Fatality Management

• Information Sharing

• Mass Care

• Medical Countermeasure Dispensing

• Medical Material Management

• Medical Surge

• Nonpharmaceutical Interventions

• Public Health Surveillance

• Responder Safety and Health

• Volunteer Management

Visit the CDC website to learn more about what we do.

What to Expect During an Emergency in Jefferson County, OH

The Jefferson County General Health District works in conjunction with County Emergency Management Services Operations in order to respond and provide information about public health and other emergencies within the county.

For any questions regarding emergency preparedness, please call the Jefferson County General Health District at (740) 283-8530 or contact us online.